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Home Monitoring

Keeping an eye on your home without doing so. Creating your Home Automation System has more options and features you ever dreamed possible.

When Planning Your System

Save Yourself! Before you Buy read this!! Not all systems are equal, or will work for you and your needs.
Top 12 questions to ask about before pulling the trigger.
Don’t become the person who buys a lie.

Home Automation for the Average Person

Control4, Crestron and SkyNet all have one thing in common, well at least for me that is. They scare me. It’s not a world conquering artificial intelligence, or quantum computing. It’s not that at all. It’s the cost. The problem I see with the big name brands is two...

Whats This

A blog about technology and improving the world around us. Technology is always improving but it doesn’t improve consistently across all segments. A segment that is of particular interest to me is home automation. A huge amount of advances have taken place, new...