I’m an IT professional, developer, technical lead, father and family man. I plan to develop this little corner to write about various interests of mine. A recurring focus of mine involves leveraging technology with commodity equipment in our daily lives. The common theme here is home automation or building the best smart home imaginable within the budget of the common person.
The Beginning

My interest home automation began in the early 90s when I read about Bill Gates home being controlled by a computer. It was BIG news, and it read like something out of a sci-fi book. The hook was set, and from then on it was something of a burning interest.

The Destination

I dream of a combined core system that ties the entire systems together. It will control the audio system in the front room, control the home theater, control the lighting, wake me up in morning and much more. Not just automation, but far more. All this from a single app. I have parts off all that, but nothing close to a seamless solution. It is this over arching goal that I seek, the ability to control my house from a single app on a tablet. I am determined to get there.

The Future

I believe Home Automation technology has matured to the point where its now being sold in Lowes and Staples today. Lowes and Home Depot sell motorized blinds, and lowes is selling ha from the end cap at the front of the store. Finally, the forward edge is here.
Finally, the future I have dreamed about is here.