Yale easily makes one of the finest locks out there. Seriously, what isn’t to love? It talks to you, it has cool light show and is touch sensitive, best of all it is all very easily customized and plays well with others. Well, turns out even with the best occasionally there are things not to love. What’s missing here is recovering from a really bad situation.

Recently, while putting together a install I had to restore a controller for a client and didn’t unpair the lock first. I figured ‘No problem, reset and pair’. Being ‘always prepared’ game in handy that weekend, And had an extra lock ‘just in case’ came in handy. This article is the fallout of a really fun weekend.

if you’re reading this you know with certainty the ‘Reset to factory’ method clears everything but the pairing. this post is dedicated to you and I hope you get this resolved much faster than I did. If you find it helpful I asked that you let me know. Also if there’s something you like to see covered let me know.

Forcably Unpair a Yale Touch Lock

What you will need

1) Your Yale lock
2) A capable controller (I use the Fibaro HC2)


  • Do a factory reset of the controller.(after you reset the lock go ahead and go through the initial set up just to set the master code so You don’t have to do that later)
  • To help ensure success, You’ll want to have the controller and the law fairly close together.
  • Put the controller into exclude mode (or “Remove Device”)
  • On the lock, with the controller in exclude mode you will now be able to unpaired the lock.

The Yale unpair steps,

  • Wake up the lock, enter master code
  • Option 7#
  • Option 3#


I really hope that this helps you and you have any feedback I love to hear from you. Please let me know if you have any trouble.