Device Details

Name Recessed Door Sensor

Manufacturer Aeotec

Model AEOZW089-US

Generation Gen5

MFG Website Device Type Security Sensor

Cost ~$40

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Vera Details

Model: Vera Edge

Firmware Version: 1.7.1142 (UI7)



This is an awesome device, and when installed nearly invisible. There are two parts to it, there is the main sensor which has a battery (Li-Ion), circuitry, and a magnet. The magnet is installed into the door frame, and the sensor into the door (or at least that’s how I installed mine).  


Physically, the install is straight forward. You will need a drill, and a 19mm bit. It’s a big bit… see my photo gallery. 

Configuring Vera is a challenging install the first time. It’s far from ‘Plug and Play’, but it does work. A note, you will need a 19mm drill bit. I picked up one at Lowes for $9. Installing the Aeotec Recessed Door Sensor in Vera

Review Details

Time in use:2 weeks Scenes Developed: Door opened at night, turn on kitchen lights, alert if the doors are open while We are away. Notify me if anything happens while I’m aware.

Scores and Rating


Feature Rating Notes
Cost 3.5 the price begins to add up, especially if you start to look at windows.
Ease of Install (Physically) 5  
Ease of Install (Vera) 2  
Ease of Install (Fibaro HC2) 2  
Ease of Use 5  
Spouse (or Kid) acceptance factor 2  
Overall Score 2 I love this device. It’s easy to install and configure. It simply works.


Superb engineering. I love the design, and would like to see more options along this design. I don’t want gadgets sticking out of my door or around windows for security. Name of the game is to subtle yet functional and this very clearly accomplishes the task. There is no need to make your home look like a 7-11. This device blends in and is completely unobtrusive. After the configuration hurdles, It works exactly as I had hopped.

Security in my regular day job environment is very important, and it is at my home as well. I appreciate the movement to zWave Gen5 and the security it brings. Gen5 uses an encrypted communication protocol with the controller. In today’s world, security is very important and this forms a solid layer for my homes security layer.

This has been out long enough that I would expect Vera had built-in support. Aeotec is a leading manufacturer and not having support for this device seems troublesome. The device from Aeotec works perfectly, and have no complaints about it.

Gen5 and ZWave+ are the future, and its great to have the devices. What this also means for You and I is a bit of extra configuration until our controllers get up to speed.

Long term note At some point the batter will die. When this happens, it will be necessary to remove the sensor and swap out the battery. Keep this in mind when you install it into the door. Keep the install discreet yet somewhere accessible to you in the future for maintenance.

Score remarks

Score Description Notes
1 Doesn’t work, or otherwise unable to get it working as expected. Failed to get it to communicate.
2 Very Difficult Very Challenging, lots of research to get it working (customizing device files, etc)
3 Challenging
4 Mostly smooth Some false starts, Not exactly a 5
5 Plug n Play (ideal) 5 is the ideal situation.This is for the nontechnical person who just wants it to work. No fiddling around or hitting message forums and asking questions.
Name of Reviewed Item: Aeotec Recessed Door Sensor AEOZW089-US Rating Value: 5 Image: aeon-labs-recessed-door-sensor-zw089-us-large.jpg Review Author:Review Date: