Installing the Aeotec Recessed Door Sensor on the Vera Edge isn’t as easy as anyone would want. I had to do a little research getting this to all work. Once done, it’s easy going for every other one you want and thats the great news. There is some please be sure to read through this before embarking. I also managed to rummage up a technical engineering doc from Aeotec, and its attached at the bottom.


The install is a bit of a challenge the first time. For an established device, it’s far from ‘Plug and Play’, but it does work.

Prepare Device

Prepare the device for install
You will need a screw driver, or pen. Press in one of the tabs to release the top with tabs.
Remove the top and extract the device and battery package. There is a small piece of plastic to isolate the battery. Remove this.

Install Device in Vera

Note: This is a Gen5 secure device.
This means when it goes into pairing mode, it uses low power mode. This is for the devices security. When you initially pair it,
it needs to be very close to Vera. Some sites recommend keeping it less than 3′, When I paired them I set it on top of it.

Step by Step Pairing and Configuring Vera

Go to devices – and add a generic zwave device.
Step 2, pair your device.
When you see the clock start counting down, press the button on the device to put it into pairing mode. The light will go solid.

Advanced Tab – Params


Advanced Settings

  • Change the references to GenericSensor1 to DoorSensor1
  • manufacturer: Aeon
  • device type: urn:schemas-micasaverde-com:device:DoorSensor:1
  • device_file: D_DoorSensor1.xml
  • device_json: D_DoorSensor1.json

Set the device category to a security sensor

  • category_num: 4
  • subcategory_num: 1

Create a new variable

aeozw089 device

Device Options

aeozw089- Create a new variable

Add Configuration Settings

aeozw089- variablepng

  • Variable 121
  • Data type 4 byte dec
  • Value 16

Save changes And Restart

The device will show “waiting for device to wakeup to configure device”.
Click the button twice and it configure. You will know if it’s successful because the red led will stay red for 45 seconds or so.
When this happens it will appear as a regular device ready for service.

Engineering Spec – Aeon Labs Recessed Door Sensor Gen5 V1.13