Doubt: The Secret Weapon of the Smart Video Doorbell


The Secret Weapon of the Smart Video Doorbell
By now, you have probably seen the TV commercials featuring a smart video doorbell that ostensibly makes your home safer by giving you audio and video access to any visitor at your front door. You might also be wondering how something so simple could be so effective at stopping criminals. It comes down to one secret weapon that security specialists have mastered: doubt.

Known Habits of Burglars

Burglars and other criminals of opportunity tend to be very predictable in what they do. For example, an often-referenced study from the University of North Carolina’s Department of Criminal Justice showed that some 60% of all burglars check to see if a home has an alarm system before attempting entry. Additional statistics from the Electronic Security Association confirm that 90% of convicted burglars admit to purposely avoiding homes they know are alarmed. So, what does this have to do with the SkyBell smart video doorbell?

Burglars avoid alarmed homes because the presence of an alarm casts doubt on whether success will be achieved. Furthermore, when a home alarm system also includes video surveillance cameras, burglars further doubt whether they can get in and out without being identified. The video doorbell presents the same kind of conundrum.

If a burglar rings a smart doorbell and is greeted by a voice inquiring about his/her business, that individual has no way of knowing if someone is actually in the home or not. And, in fact, it makes no difference. The mere fact that someone could be home is enough to cast doubt in the mind of the burglar. He or she must then ask him/herself if it is worth being caught should there indeed be someone home. He/she also has to worry about any occupants in the house potentially being armed – easily a more serious problem to contend with.

Thinking Like the Enemy

Ask just about any security specialist how he or she comes up with effective solutions and you are likely to hear an answer that somehow references “thinking like the enemy.” In other words, getting inside the head of a potential criminal makes it a lot easier to figure out ways to stop the criminal from doing what he/she does. Again, this is what the SkyBell video doorbell is all about.

We tend to think that our strongest means of personal security lies in the most complex technical devices and systems on the planet. But that is only partially true. In fact, the more complex a system is, the easier it is to breach that system once a weaknesses found. We are more safe when we develop security measures that take advantage of the weaknesses of our enemies rather than allowing them to find the weaknesses in our security systems.

The SkyBell video doorbell is proof that a little doubt goes a long way toward stopping criminals. If these individuals are not convinced that they can get in and out without being caught, they are likely to move on to an easier target. SkyBell’s video doorbell is so simple and yet highly effective.


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